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All our products are manufactured in house, right here, in Aberdeen.


 Our fabrication team are fully trained and qualified to work on all our

manufactured productsAll our products are tested, adjusted and Quality checked prior to being ready for installation or dispatch to ensure you that your product is being sent out in the working order you expect.

All our machinery is serviced and maintained on a regular basis to ensure that every cut is as sharp and neat as the first one.

We have a great partner relationship with all our support brands and manufacturers who keep our staff and machinery to the highest of standards at any given time.

As a trusted Fabrication partner to Liniar (our Profile system supplier) we are audited annually on the quality of workmanship and finished product, as well as our precision to tolerances and methods of fabrication to ensure that they approve of the finished quality we are promoting on their behalf.

We are proud to say that for another year running we are an

"Approved Liniar Fabricator" giving you further peace of mind that you are buying a well made product, from a trusted fabrication company.

As a fabricator, we know that the quality of product running through our factory is a key area and that is why we are constantly reminding our fabricators the importance of a high quality product to give you peace of mind that your investment is well worth the money.

We love to give our customers a tour of the production facility and something we encourage. As one of a limited few fabricators in Aberdeen and

Liniar UK's most Northern Fabrication Centre in the UK, why not show it off! 

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