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Affordable Windows & Doors originates from our long established home improvement specialist sister company - Affordable Kitchens & Bathrooms Ltd. 

With over 30 years experience in the Design, Installation and planning of Home Improvement projects such as Kitchens, Bathrooms and Fitted Bedrooms they are sure to handle any enquiry you may have to help transform your home.


When working on Home Extensions we can partner our divisions to enhance our offering and give you the complete package. Taking all the stress and planning out of your worries and making the process more enjoyable to allow you to focus on the main features such as colours, finishes and the all important design aspects.

If your looking for a Kitchen, Bathroom, Fitted Bedroom, Home Office or Home Extension then we are more than happy to organise or you can visit either of our two Showrooms as listed below to see our extensive portfolio of products available to suit every design and budget.


Holburn Street Showroom

01224 823377 (Option 2)

Mon-Fri  9am   - 4:30pm

Sat         10am - 4:00pm

Sun        12pm - 4:00pm

Ellon Road Showroom

01224 823377 (Option 3)

Mon-Fri  9am   - 4:30pm

Sat         10am - 4:00pm

Sun        12pm - 4:00pm

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